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Pest Proofing your home

Dave's Pest Control offers exclusion protection that seals up any and all entry ways that insects, snakes, or rodents could use to invade your home.  We use metal screens around crawlspaces, breathing holes, attic gables, and sealing other holes with copper screens and a foam sealant.

Foam sealant is placed around plumbing, AC pipes etc. to prevent rodents and insects from entering your home. This can also help with your heating and air bill!  Metal screens can be attached around gables and rooflines to prevent infestations of squirrels, bats, rats, and small insects.  Vent covers are used for snake proofing and rodent proofing. These vent covers are installed over breathing holes in the brick around basements and crawlspaces. It is very important to seal these holes off as this could result in problems with moisture, termites, mold, and mildew.  Certain vents covers even help with moisture control. These moisture control vents open and close depending on the humidity levels and can be installed with a fan that automatically turns on when the moisture level gets too high.

We also offer installation of polyurethane in you crawlspace to control moisture and prevent problems with termites and mold or mildew.

pest control, pest proofing
pest cotrol, pest proofing

Foam Sealant

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Metal Screens

pest control, pest proofing

Vent Covers

 Dave's Pest Control also offers the following pest service options:​

Monthly Pest Control
Every 2 Months Pest Control
Quarterly Pest Control
1  Time Pest Control Services
FREE ESTIMATES Pest Control AND Termite Bonds

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