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Snake Control

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In Birmingham, AL, snakes are a very large problem most months of the year.  In many cases, snake control is needed 11 months out of the year. Even when it’s cold outside the sun will heat up pavement, sidewalks and rocks enough for snakes to get out and look for food again. Dave’s pest control has serviced many snake control jobs around the Birmingham, AL area. Our snake control is very effective and comes with a guarantee. If you are a regular snake customer who lets us service your house at the appropriate times, and you find a snake around your house or yard, we will come remove it free of charge. Our favorite examples are Dave’s pest control customers who had snake infestations around their in-ground pools. With in-ground pools, snakes will slither into the pool after insects but have a hard time getting back out. Our customers have experienced as many as 10 snakes per week getting in their pool. After the first treatment, our customers never found another snake in their pool as long as they allowed us to continue to treat the property regularly.

Around Birmingham, the snakes to be most concerned with are copperheads, rattlesnakes and water moccasins. However be careful not to assume a snake is safe and end up paying the price. Always call Dave’s pest control to come check it out for you. Many times snake sightings can be the result of a rodent infestation. In these cases we can work out a plan to attack both problems at the same time.  Dave’s Pest Control also does a thorough inspection of your home to look for entry points for snakes to enter. Any holes large enough for a rat or mouse to enter your house can definitely also be used by snakes. We typically seal these holes up with metal screen and foam sealants. We will gladly come to your house and give you a free quote for these repairs. An effective method that every homeowner should do in order to control snakes is to keep all weeds and brush trimmed as much as possible.  Try not to have too much clutter next to your house, store firewood and other loose materials on shelves instead of laying them on the ground, and don’t keep crawlspace doors open. There are many ways that we can control rodent problems that are safe and effective. Keep in mind controlling snakes is difficult without also tackling your rodent problem.

Dave's Pest Control utilizes a proven system of snake control by creating an invisible barrier around your yard. This is achieved by scattering snake repelling granules around the perimeter of your yard that snakes will not cross. This product is non-poisonous and is safe around children, pets, and even snakes and insects. These granules are not designed to kill or harm snakes but rather keep them warded away. When snakes come up to our barrier they sense this product through receptors located on their tongues making it difficult to breath. The snakes then quickly turn around and slither away. This product only works on snakes because of the way they constantly pop their tongue out for sensing many different things. This will not affect or even bother any other animals. It is an excellent repellant for snake control.  We also use large glue boards for catching snakes around your home. These glue boards can be use by themselves or for best results along with our repelling granules. If you think a snake may be trapped in one of these glue boards always call us to remove the animal. Never attempt to remove these glue boards yourself! This can very easily result in a snake bite since the snake will already be very agitated.

Pest control, snake repellant
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pest control, snake repellant
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