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How your house can become infested with bed bugs

Most people who have had a bed bug infestation will never forget it. Either you woke up one morning to bug bites all over your body, or you find them one night crawling around your bed covers. There are several ways people accidentally bring them in their house.

1. Hotels.

Many hotels have issues with bed bugs. When first checking into a hotel its best to leave your luggage in your car as bed bugs can get in your luggage overnight. Take a flashlight to your room to inspect the bed. Pull the covers off the bed and carefully look around the seams for blood stains, eggs and adult bedbugs. If you find any of these its best to ask for a different room.

2. Spend the night guest.

If you ever have a friend sleep over and that individual has bedbugs at their house, bed bugs may hitch a ride onto their luggage and crawl out overnight into your house.

3. Purchasing used furniture.

Many people have bought used beds and couches from FB marketplace or a thrift store. These items must be checked thoroughly before ever completing the purchase. And even worse, if you ever see furniture thrown on the side of the road, leave it alone. It may have been thrown out for a good reason.

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